Prune and Tree Transplantation Professionals



Great professional who made us an excellent tree-cutting job. Since he cut this huge tree down, it is assured that there will not be falling branches from it anymore. Moreover, the work had all the prevention and security warranties covered. Quick and safe work. Absolutely recommended.

Highly professional and recommendable company. We will count on them for future works.

We obtained three quotes for a job of felling/pruning a row of tall poplar
trees. NaturClimb’s was by far the most professional, yet not the most
expensive. Enrique gives advice before, during and after the work, which is
carried out efficiently and on time.


NaturClimb is a company specialized in pruning, trimming and cutting down services, as well as in the mechanical-lifting system installation for specific cases.

In NaturClimb we are professional in all sort of tree trasplanting jobs in Malaga. We make both, the execution and the facultative direction, what means, the technical advice.

NaturClimb carries out pest control works related to the processionary caterpillar (Thaumetopoea pityocampa), according to their natural cycle.

We develop an ecological procedure for every stage, which is cared to be respectful with the environment, avoiding the usage of chemical pesticides and products, free of any kind of fumigation.

The company counts on a wide experience regarding the plant world since 1995.

NaturClimb sprouts out thanks to a professional university formation, for both, forestry and ornamental gardening scope. It has developed its professional activity in towns such as Sotogrande, Estepona, San Pedro de Alcántara, Marbella, Fuengirola, Mijas, Alhaurín, Benalmádena, Torremolinos y Málaga capital. And also the East coast of the province, like la Cala del Moral, el Rincón de la Victoria, Vélez Málaga y Torre del Mar.

Truth is that, NaturClimb can develop a wide range of services related to the gardening area, but we also have chosen to get specialized in trees, as the main character of our activity, carrying these tasks out bearing in mind the respect and love that this natural heritage deserves.

It is not vital to use the common terms “cutting down trees, how to bring a tree down, how to trim a tree…”

From NaturClimb we apply the most innovative techniques and resources to get our purposes, like prunning big branches, as the same time as we justify our performance with respect to the forest and natural plant heritage we are surrounded.

NaturClimb applies and adapts different types of prunes according to the customer’s needs, as well as the tree’s ones, technically warranting our procedures, respecting as much as possible the natural materials we work with. The tree prunes works are always justified in the citizen and road safety framework.

The prune and improvement works for trees are adapted in every case, being carried out with or without hold backs. NaturClimb through the usage of ropes, pulleys, and friction cylinders among other specific materials, we hold back the vegetable leftovers which have been cut from the trees.

You may check with your own eyes, how to prune a tree reducing the risks and with the best safety measures taken.

From NaturClimb there are three essential points that are promoted to keep the natural heritage save, in a particular as well as in a general way. Before we start any procedure, you may ask for a justified diagnose of your trees, and therefore, a timetable planning of the different actions to be taken at every particular case.

NaturClimb may show you the equipment and materials used to access to the tree, to prune and crop the trees and to settle the anchoring points and displacements on the tree, and it also  includes the technical description of all their elements, according to the information given by the manufacturer.

NaturClimb develops its activity in the South of Spain and also the South of France, being able to travel from one country to the other according to the customer’s needs.

In any case, from NaturClimb, we are very pleased if you get in touch with us through our contact in our email address, adding your phone number, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Regarding the contents part used to create this website, there is a bibliography attached. At the same time, we have developed a  glossary or dictionary of technical terms which are used in our professional environment.

NaturClimb collaborates actively with the digital media, publishing articles related to crops, transplants, artificial hold-back systems, etc. As an example, and to have an accurate idea, you may visit the blog ProntoPro in the following link