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Contact NaturClimb. We move within the Iberian Peninsula and the south of France.

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Contact NaturClimb: Services

We remind you that the services offered by NaturClimb are related to the care of the arboreal heritage.

Tree Advice and Diagnosis

These services have their starting point in the assessment and diagnosis of trees. NaturClimb will advise you what actions to carry out according to your needs; without forgetting the tree as a living entity that accompanies us.


Where the cranes do not arrive, the tree climber arborists arrive.

In NaturClimb prunings are made during the period of vegetative stop and pruning in green. This is, in winter and in summer. This is done according to the type of pruning that will be done and the plant species mainly.

Artificial Sustenance Tree Systems

NaturClimb is specialized in the installation of artificial support systems in trees. It is a possible solution in certain situations of evident risk. These prevent large cuts or the felling and felling of the specimen. Advise yourself by a specialist in anchors of this type, because the effect in case of a wrong installation can be the opposite to the desired one.

Chopping and controlled demolition

In case of having a dead arboreal specimen; a tree that has caused some kind of structural damage in your home, etc. you must request an authorization for chopping and cutting.

NaturClimb will process the technical report to execute the works. We are specialized in controlled felling. These are made through the use of pulleys, friction cylinders and special breaking load cords. It is a precision work that we advise you to leave in the hands of professionals.

Geographic Availability: Spain and France

These services are carried out both in France and in Spain. Although in Spain it develops them in the province of Málaga; Geographic availability is broad based on work. In France, the arborist activity takes place in the Departments: “High Pyrenees” and in the “Vaucluse”. It also has great geographic availability in the south of France.