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Contact NaturClimb. We travel all over the country in Spain, and also in France.

As we work on the trees, always a few meters from the ground, NaturClimb thanks you beforehand for contacting us via e-mail, and please, do not forget to include your telephone number!

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Contact NaturClimb: Services

We remind you that the services offered by NaturClimb are related to the cares regarding the natural tree heritage.

Advice and Diagnosis of the Trees

These services have their starting line with the advise and diagnoses of the wooded area.

NaturClimb will offer you the counsel you need to proceed with the most accurate performance, for your best convenience to achieve unbeatable results.

On top of that, we will always keep in mind that a tree is an alive element which co-lives with us.


To the furthest point, there where cranes cannot have access, is where tree climbers work.

NaturClimb carries out their prunes during trees ‘ dormant periods, and we also make pruning in the growing season, which means, summer and winter.

These variations depend on the kind of prunes we have to make, and specially according to the species’ needs.

Artificial Hold Back Systems for Trees

NaturClimb is a company specialized in the settling of artificial hold back system for trees.

It is a way out for several situations when the risk is obvious. Through this action, we avoid to make big cuts or even the cut-down of the element we are working with.

Get some advice from a NaturClimb specialist in anchorages of this type, because the effect of a wrong performance may lead you to an undesired result.

Prunes and Controlled Attachments

In the case of having a lifeless tree, a tree which has provoked a structural harm in your house, etc, you should get a license to cut it down.

NaturClimb will help you to get the technical application and documents to be able to proceed with this task. We are specialized in controlled attachments to the trees. We count with pulleys, friction cylinders and special heavy-charge ropes to get the desired aims.  It is a very detailed and precision work, so it is recommendable to leave it on professional hands.

In case of having a dead arboreal specimen; a tree that has caused some kind of structural damage in your home, etc. you must request in Spain an authorization for chopping and cutting.

Geographic Availability: Spain and France

These services mentioned above could be carried out in Spain or in France. The company is settled in Malaga, however, the availability is way wider, according to the work our customers may need.

In France, these tasks are developed in the departments “Altos Pirineos” as well as in “Vaucluse”. Even though, we have a great availability in the South of France.