Special Felling Equipment

Aluminum and Steel Equipment

The materials: cylinders of friction and pulleys that NaturClimb uses aluminum sound. They are used to lighten the weight during the work in height. These materials must not suffer any blow, although they will be submitted to the load of the tronza that goes to cut.

Therefore, there will be respected at all times the maximum load of use (C.M.U.) of every element of the chain and the size of the tronza to be cut.

On the other hand, the mosquetones used for the demolition are of steel. Well of triple closing of safety, good of thread. These elements if they are going to suffer, in many cases, the impact during the fall. The steel will be deformed before coming to the break; in case of distortion it will be warning us before breaking.

This is a mechanical characteristic it differs to the steel of the aluminum.

NaturClimb uses it in its different tasks, working inside the maximum safety guarantees.

Next we show him the elements used by NaturClimb during the works of chopping and sectional tree felling.


Equipo de tala y apeos controlados de árboles
Equipo de tala y apeos controlados de árboles

Descripción Técnica de los Materiales de Tala y Apeo Controlado

  • Friction cylinder CABESTAN: C.M.U. = 1.000 daN
  • Rope braided to connect to CABESTAN, BOA ∅20 mm: R = 8.000 daN y C.M.U. = 1.100 daN
  • Carabiner of steel of triple closing:
    • O TRIPLE LOCK: R = 3.500 daN y C.M.U. = 700 daN
    • D ACIER LOCK EVO: R = 5.200 Kg y C.M.U. = 1.300 Kg
  • Autoretention slings:
    • Mosquetón de acero a rosca OVALE COMPACT, R = 2.400 Kg
    • Cuerda con doble cosido en punta o “epissure”: R = 1.500 daN y C.M.U. = 200 daN
  • Demolition pulley retention MINI-ECLIPSE 2 en aluminio: R = 10.000 daN y C.M.U. = 2.000 daN
  • Rope braided to connect to the demolition pulley, ANACONDA ∅16 mm: R = 6.700 daN y C.M.U. = 950 daN
  • Readdressing pulley in aluminum: R = 4.000 daN y C.M.U. = 800 daN
  • Flat tape: R = 4.500 Kg
  • Armed sling CARRIES TO EXTREMES ∅13 mm 4 m long, provided with carabiner of aluminum  triple closing:
    • TWISTER TRIPLE: R = 2.500 Kg
    • PIRATE: R =  26 KN
  • Special flexible rope to realize demolitions in retention or attachement, ANACONDA ∅12 mm 60 m long: R = 4.500 daN y C.M.U. = 640 daN