Tree Surgeon

Specialized team in diagnoses, sanitary and mechanical state of the trees.

NaturClimb is a company specialized in tree pruning in Malaga and Andalusia.

A professional group of experts in pruning that offers a specialized service with solutions adapted to each particular case; according to the client’s preferences and from the maximum respect to the vegetal patrimony.

We specialize in all types of tree pruning at height, controlled cutting and chopping trees of high difficulty at a technical level and accessibility.

Experts in the stabilization of branches of great caliber, in doubtful mechanical state, with risk of rupture (usually horizontal branches or resulting from incorrect pruning); as well as unconsolidated forks. Works performed using dynamic (10-20%), semi-static (2-5%) or steel (static) wiring.

Trabajos Verticales
Installation of a semi-static and static lift system in an exemplary oak (Quercus robur).

Tree Pruning Company in Málaga.
Geographic availability in the Spanish territory and in France.

NaturClimb it is the result of years of experience in the forestry and gardening sector in Spain and Morocco.

Currently our professional activity is mainly developed in the province of Málaga, Andalusia and France; being the care of the trees our most remarkable point.

The training in vertical works, with a high technical, physical and psychic level, is developed in the French school with the highest reputation of arborists tree climbers: C. F. P. F. de Chateauneuf-du-Rhone (Centre de Formation Professionnelle Forestiere).

The School participates actively in the development of new techniques and materials; inviting as external trainers arborists with great professional experience. It also has trainers who participate in reunions nationally and internationally.

Member of a Cooperative

NaturClimb has developed his professional activity as a member of a cooperative related to environmental trades; located in the heart of the Ardéche Regional Park, France: NATURA SCOP.

With the adhesion to this cooperative, it has allowed him to start and develop his professional activity with all the guarantees of a cooperative, acquiring experience in the work of tree climbing.


Billing outside French territory is done with the number of T.V.A. intracommunity. The services provided to companies (not individuals) in Spanish territory do not include the I.V.A. in the invoices.


NaturClimb develops his networked arborist activity with other arborists and tree climbers; both at the level of the Iberian Peninsula and in France. There are jobs that with a standing man with knowledge in trepa, displacement and chainsaw management can be carried out.

Vertical works on plant elements in height, should be carried out only by people with the training, training and equipment necessary to work safely and efficiently.

Require approved equipment, reviewed by a qualified company annually and civil liability insurance with great coverage.

Arboreal encounters

NaturClimb participates, in a benevolent way, with the Spanish and French Association of Arboriculture in the meetings or championships at regional and national level.

Installation and uninstallation of the different tests, as well as active participation in the team of judges. Last March, 2018, he participated in the South-West Regional Reunion, in Nérac, France.

Associations and Collaborations

NaturClimb is a member of Asociación Española de Arboricultura (A. E. A.) -socio 1484- and Asociación Francesa de Arboricultura (S.F.A.) .

NaturClimb puede visar proyectos en el Colegio de Ingenieros de Montes (member 3921).

Has been an active member of Asociación Española de Parques y Jardines Públicos (A. E. P. J. P.)  from 2003.

During the period spent in the Kingdom of Morocco, he collaborated with the Organización No Gubernamental: Fundación de Cultura Islámica (F.U.N.C.I.), el Real Jardín Bótanico de Córdoba, Jardín Botánico de la Concepción (Málaga) y Jardín Botánico de Castilla – La Mancha (Albacete).

Landscape Contests

In collaboration with the University of Córdoba and the architecture studio of Mr. Alvaro Siza and Mr. Juan Domingo, they obtained the first place in the Atrium Ideas contest with the “New Door” project. Monumental complex of the Alhambra, Granada.

The Tree, our Passion

NaturClimb, as a member of Asociación Española de Arboricultura (A. E. A.) and Asociación Francesa de Arboricultura (S.F.A.), promotes the knowledge of the tree and its relations with the environment as a basis for the criteria of action in the projects, the cultivation and management of the trees, as well as the protection of the arboreal heritage of aggressions, for erroneous practices, lack of awareness or ignorance.