Tree Counselling, Diagnosis and Management

Our career forces us to make an exhaustive diagnosis of the tree in situ, as well as one of the surrounding areas, which obviously affects the tree’s strength and state.


The Economic Offer

NaturClimb has the serious commitment of developing a previous evaluation from pictures and descriptions that the customer can give according to their knowledge of Natural Science.

Then, an indicative quote will be offered, and after the first visit, it will be specified.

The assessment will be carried out according to the amount of work as well as the degree of difficulty of it, and also depending on the means needed for the different solutions suggested and the services contracted.

The work would be carried out always respecting the environment and surrounding area of the trees, and normally avoiding the use of cranes and mechanical lifters.

Once the work is done, and having in mind the quote, we would begin with the preparation of the area and evacuation of vegetable elements, as well as the wood storage if requested.

All the above described, is included in the counseling, diagnosis and management of the tree work, which is, vegetable species identification, description of the sanitary and mechanical solutions at a short, medium and long term, always respecting the vegetable and natural heritage, and bearing in mind  that the most important point to start with, is always our customer’s safety.

The Technical Management

From its technical office, NaturClimb processes all types of authorizations. Both felling and felling as pruning, individuals or individuals or legal entities (neighborhood communities, associations or groups, companies, etc.).

This is done in urban environments and / or in forest environments; a technical report that justifies the action or a Plan of Prevention of Forest Fires; in the Municipal Park and Garden Service or the Ministry of the Environment.

In the case of transplants, NaturClimb can also prepare a Transplant Technical Plan, along with the report and the budget.

The work will be carried out with the least possible inconvenience, in the environment of the tree and usually without mechanical cranes and elevators.

The Management of Vegetable Residues

Once the work is completed and as agreed in the budget, it will proceed to the preparation and evacuation of plant elements and the storage of firewood where appropriate.

NaturClimb advises you to chipping the plant remains in your plot and recovering the organic mulch as a vegetable source for your garden.

It is a much more respectful option with the environment, because displacements are avoided; recycling and benefiting from vegetable waste.

Everything described above is integrated into the advice, diagnosis and management of your trees.

Identification of plant species, the phytosanitary and mechanical state of the tree.

Solutions adapted to short, medium and long term, respecting the plant heritage without forgetting that the priority will always be your safety and well-being.

The study of the risk of breakage is one of the most relevant fields in arboriculture.

Whether it is for the safety of the climbing arborist, the passers-by or to improve the conservation of trees of high heritage value.

Being able to assess whether a part or all of a tree has a risk of falling or breaking is essential in tree management.

NaturClimb, through the Spanish Association of Arboriculture and the French Association of Arboriculture; It is recycled in scientific and technical contents of the tree in an active and constant way.