Arborist Equipment

Certificates Equipment

In this section, NaturClimb invites him to know what materials and I equip certificates it uses to carry out its works in height.

The Law forces all the nurserymen to identify every element of the Individual Equipment Protection (E.P.I.), by means of title roles.

In the cards, there appears the number of identification of the product, the date of manufacture and the first use, etc.

NaturClimb realizes annual reviews for certified companies.

The materials are differentiated by the Load of Rupture (R) and by the Maximum Load of Use (C.M.U.).

The C.M.U. used for mechanical elements, is the Load of Rupture divided between 5. For textile elements, it is the Load of Rupture divided between 7.

The value of the Load of Rupture is obtained across essays realized in laboratories with machines. These measure the force of elasticity (metallic elements) and of rupture, in kilos (Kg) or in kilo Newtons (kN).

At the time of doing the reading of the charges, to know is useful, that give 1 = 1 Kg and that 1 KN = 100 kg.


Reparto de cargas en una polea
Reparto de cargas en una polea