About Us

Forestry Engineer to the Service of the Trees.

NaturClimb is a fruit of years of experience in the forest sector and of the gardening in Spain and Morocco.

It initiates its university education in 1.995, in the Top Technical School of Agronomists and of Mounts in Cordova. It makes debut professionally in the world of the gardening in the year 2.003 up to the actuality in Malaga, although it works in the whole Iberian Peninsula and develops several gardening projects in the Kingdom of Morocco.

NaturClimb: Tree Passion.

The technical formation in climb trees, demanding at technical, physical and psychic level, develops in the French school formation of major reputation: “Center of Formation Professionnelle Forestiere”  Chateauneuf-du-Rhone, France in the year 2.015.

Displacement in a cedar in the French national championship 2018

This centre of formation takes part actively in the development of technical and material piece of news, inviting like forming day pupils’ nurserymen with big experience at a professional level and in competition in reunions at national and international level.


NaturClimb initiates its professional activity in France like associate of a cooperative related to environmental offices, placed in full heart of the Regional Park of Ardéche: NATURA SCOP.

With the adherence to this cooperative, to he allows to develop its professional activity with a wide legal liability insurance: Insurances Generalli.


Rappel in a cedar in the French national championship 2018

NaturClimb develops its professional activity in network with other nurserymen, both at level of the Iberian Peninsula and in France, although there are works that with a standing man with knowledge in climb and displacement and handling of power saws can be carried out.

The vertical works on vegetable elements in height, must be realized only by persons with the necessary training, the formation and the team to work of sure and efficient form on the same ones; having authorized teams checked by a company qualified annually and legal liability insurances with big coverage.

NaturClimb has taken part, of benevolent form with the team of judges in the different tests realized in the regional championship of the south area and in the national championship of nurserymen in France and in Spain.

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The Tree: the Engine and the Illusion of NaturClimb

NaturClimb is a member so much of the Spanish Association of Arboriculture (A.E.A.), as of Société Française d’Arboriculture (S.F.A.). It can approve projects in the National Forestry Engineers’ School (associate 3921).

Displacement in a cedar in the French national championship 2018

It has taken part like member and associate in the Spanish Association of Parks and Public Gardens (A.E.P.J.P.) from 2003.

NaturClimb, like member of the Spanish and French Association of Arboriculture, promotes the knowledge of the tree and its relations with the way like base of the criteria of performance in the projects, the cultivation and the management of the woodland, as well as the protection of the arboreal patrimony of aggressions, for erroneous practices, absence of campaign to raise public awareness or ignorance.

Ascent test demonstration in the French national championship 2018

Specialists in the Diagnosis of the Sanitary and Mechanical  Tree Conditions

NaturClimb is specializing in the diagnosis of the sanitary state and mechanic of the tree, proposing solutions adapted to every particular case as the preferences of the client and from the maximum respect to the vegetable patrimony.

Sistema de sustentación de árboles
Tree support system with steel cable.

We are specialists in all kinds of pruning, chopping, surveys and cutting in retention (controlled) from high difficulty, at technical level and of accessibility. We are specializing in the stabilized one of branches of big diameter in the doubtful mechanical state at the risk of rupture (generally branches horizontal or resultant from incorrect pruning) and not consolidated pitchforks; by means of the use sane dynamics (10-20 %), semi-statics (2-5 %) or wiring of (static) steel.